Leadership Trainings

Small businesses continue to have a hard time attracting and retaining talent, so we have developed a series of trainings to teach executive teams the right methodologies to grow, attract, and retain. We are now offering individualized 90-minute training sessions for your business, in four key areas.

Managing Generational Differences Training

The workforce has never contained such dramatic generational differences. Baby Boomers don’t want to talk to Millennials. Millennials are already frustrated with their younger peers in Gen Z. And Gen X is stuck in the middle.

A generationally diverse workforce is essential for your organization to thrive, but only if there is understanding and empathy present so that there is mutual desire to work towards a common purpose.

In this 90-minute team facilitation, participants will be equipped with a greater generational understanding resulting in more empathy and specific ways to work effectively with each other. The result: increased performance, retention, job satisfaction, and a culture of well-being.

Price: $500.00

Self Care: The New Work-Life Balance Training

Over 75% of Americans admit to feeling burnout in the past year. The rapid pace of change brought on over the last few years has us all exhausted, and we are all striving to find a work-life balance that is sustainable.

Every leader knows that work-life balance is essential to attract and retain talent, but few address the root cause of the burnout we see at work. The root cause is the lack of awareness most Americans have about what true rest is and how to create an intentional self-care plan.

In this 90-minute team facilitation, participants will learn about the seven levels of rest and be given

the templates to create their own self-care plan based on these areas of rest. The result: reduction of burnout, exhaustion, turnover, and a culture of well-being.

Price: $500.00

Developing a Development Culture Training

A culture of learning and development is essential to attract and retain talent. Gallup reports that organizations that make a strategic investment in employee development report 11% greater profitability. If you are not focused on developing your talent, your talent will find another organization to develop in.

Individualized career development is essential to attract and retain top talent, yet few leaders understand how to develop cutting-edge learning experiences that workers crave. Moreover, with the rapid pace of change in business, learning experiences cannot be stagnant. The next-gen of workers demand a more integrated approach to learning: a development culture.

In this 90-minute team facilitation, participants will learn about how to craft more iterative learning experiences. The result: A Development Culture that will set you up to attract and retain top talent.

Price: $500.00

Leveraging the New Psychology of Work Training

Work has changed and the way to motivate your employees has too. Don’t expect to attract and retain top talent by throwing money at people. Your retention strategy can no longer be a one-size-fits all approach. If you want to attract and retain top talent, you need to understand the new employee motivation.

Most companies realize times have changed but are having difficulty understanding how to navigate new norms. Flexibility, autonomy, and career development plans are all expected. Performance management has shifted, and to attract and retain, your organization needs to shift with the new norms.

In this 90-minute team facilitation, participants will learn about the top 10 new psychology of work principles and how to create a performance management system that leverages the new norms. The result: Performance management leads to high retention and high performance.

Price: $500.00