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The Purpose Partner: How to Find Purpose and Partnership in Your Work

As of November 2021, labor market reports cited that 4.5 million people left the labor market. That's 3% of the workforce, a number that continues to shatter records.
Referred to as the "Great Resignation," this trend is happening because people are saying, "I don't think I want to work like this anymore."

How can you, as an employer, combat the new psychological realities of the labor market to win the war for talent? First, you will need a clearer picture of what motivates each employee. The problem is that most of your employees don't know what they want out of work. But they know what they don't want.

The opportunity for the adaptable leader and the purpose-driven organization is to help their employee go through a process to determine what they want out of life and integrate that life with their work-life. This process is outlined in The Purpose Partner book. The result of the process is the essential awareness from your employees that will help you motivate and retain them.

Within The Purpose Partner, your key employees will gain awareness that will help you:

1. Help team members to identify their true gifts.
Their gifts are an intersection of their passions (what they are fired up about), their skills (what they have learned to do well), and their talents (inborn abilities).
When you can help them identify and use their gifts, they will have a higher propensity to enjoy work.

2. Help team members to recognize more about their relational impact.
You can help your team members better understand who it is in life that they treasure the most and how they can impact them in a more significant way.
This analysis offers team members the ability to build intentionality and boundaries around their work-life so they can invest in the people and maximize relational impact.

3. Help team members become more self-aware about healthy needs and wants.
Many leaders think that money is the top motivator—and it is until it meets team members' needs. When it exceeds their needs, its motivational capacity dramatically reduces.
But what people usually dictate is their "need" is either their current standard of living or what society tells them. So when we do this analysis with people, we can better decipher: what are healthy needs and healthy wants and unhealthy needs and unhealthy wants?

Once your team members do that analysis, they have their own view of their material needs and wants instead of society's standards or their current earnings being a driver for them.

4. Help team members become more self-aware of their motivations.
When the organization helps their employees learn what motivates them, they are in partnership. When you are partnering with your employees, you will win the battle for talent, create high retention cultures, and grow!
The Purpose Partner is a practical and effective way to embrace the new norms in the labor market. Don't get left behind in old constructs of the employer/employee relationship. Instead, become a Purpose Partner and set your organization up for sustainable and healthy growth!

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The Purpose Partner Workbook: How to Find Purpose and Partnership in Your Work

You were made on purpose, for a purpose, and your employer wants to partner with you so you can find it!

The Purpose Partner Workbook is a powerful tool to help you integrate the most important aspects of your life with your work! The process outlined in this book will help you determine your top priorities in life. Once these are known, you can effectively communicate with your employer how your work fits into that life.

Your Purpose Partner, your employer, wants to support you as you discover your unique purpose and priorities.

Life is too short — and you are too valuable — not to live your life on purpose. The interactive exercises contained within this book make finding purpose a manageable and straightforward process. The journey will give you clarity. The destination is a more joy-filled life and work that you will love!

Many purpose seekers before you have gone through this process, but not with the support of their employer. This life-defining process has been adapted to be completed in partnership with your employer. They want the best for you, at home and at work.

We are thrilled you are joining the thousands of others who have found purpose through The Purpose Promise organization. The good news is you already have a willing partner eager to support you in the integration of your life and your work: your current employer, your Purpose Partner!

Price: $9.99